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Fit in 2019

It’s the first week in February-a time when the dogged determination of New Year resolutions begin to wane. This is exactly when incorporating strategy, encouragement and accountability into your fitness routine is vital to staying on course to reaching your goals. So how does one do that and what does it look like?

Determine your Destination

DETERMINE THE DESTINATION Success begins by making specific goals. The more specific and measurable the goal, the more likely it is to be achieved. Having a vague desire to lose weight is not enough to maintain the motivation needed to accomplish it. A more effective goal would be stated as-“ I will drop a pant size within 2 months”. You want to identify the goal, in a form that is measurable, and give it a time frame. It is better to give a little more time to achieve the results you want, just in case it takes longer than you thought. If you arrive at your goal earlier than the date you determined, then celebrate—big time!

HAVE A PLAN Secondly, every destination involves a journey. You need to know how you are going to reach your goals. This is where you determine what types of exercises you will do, and how often. It can be as simple as four days every week with a 30-minute cardio mix of jogging, stair climbing and/or stationary bike, with 20-minutes muscle training. There are many fitness Apps to help create a routine and many gyms offer complementary sessions with personal trainers as well.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS Next, measure your progress along the way. This is because you need to objectively know if what you are doing is working or not and adjust as necessary. For example, 30-minute moderately-paced walks might not be enough to kick in your fat-burning metabolism. Increasing the time to 40 minutes, while upping the pace a bit, might be exactly what flips on your metabolic switch. Also, getting feedback that your efforts are actually working is powerful fuel to keep you motivated.

Find a Fitness Pal

FIND A FITNESS PAL Stay motivated by involving a supportive friend-one who is a natural encourager. Better yet, link up with someone who is also working on a fitness goal. Look for a partner who is also pursuing fitness goals and is equally committed to the journey. You can encourage each other. Another way to support yourself through the process is to build in reward incentives along the way. For instance, for every week that you stick to your fitness plan, celebrate with a little something special. It can be a long soak in the tub with candles, sitting down to a Netflix movie, going out to coffee with friends or even a portion-controlled treat like a square of dark chocolate. Whatever sounds good to you.

STAYING ACCOUNTABLE Lastly, establishing some form of accountability is crucial to achieving any goal. It can be another person that you check with on a regular basis. If so, make sure to pick someone you feel you can connect with-one who will help motivate you without judgement, but also has the ability to call-you-out when necessary. If you would rather incorporate accountability without involving another person, sign up for a fitness event like a jog-a-thon and train for the event. Whatever your fitness goals are, I am here to help you achieve them. Book your complementary consultation now.

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