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Physical Core Strength

Pelvic Floor/ Post Pregnancy Fitness

What Clients Are Saying


"My big moment was after a week of exercise I was able to walk anywhere without leakage. Three important things I learned in the process was it was easy to do the exercises, the instructions were simple and clear. Joelene was excellent in explaining and demonstrating each exercise. Joelene's personality made it comfortable and she made sure I knew what I was doing. The results before and after were amazing in that before I had MAJOR LEAKAGE. When I walked, sneezed, laughed, coughed and did activities I would have major leakage of urine and, after the first week it had stopped. Now I can enjoy doing activities and not worry about my leakage. Again an amazing difference for me. The price was fair and well worth the results I experienced. Joelene was an excellent coach and I have been referring others to her that have had this issue so they can obtain good results as I have."

Linda, CA

Find Your Joy & Confidence To Move Freely!

Are you ready to laugh again without the embarrassment of leakage?

Be free to sneeze or cough without crossing your legs.

Enjoy gardening or cycling without the heavy pressure in your pelvic area.

Build a foundation of core strength for your abdominal wall post pregnancy. 

Are you looking for a well rounded, comprehensive program to strengthen your core and pelvic muscles?

Ready to learn more about safe and effective exercises to help you with pelvic floor dysfunction and/or diastasis recti?

One Month Program


  • Easy instructional videos (all you need is 10 minutes a day)

  • Tips to incorporate core strength in your everyday life

  • Simple diet suggestions

  • One on one Zoom meeting with me once a week up to

  • 4 weeks to connect, encourage and receive tips.


     Free Bonus: 

  • ​​Receive two bonus videos to

  • strengthen you arms and legs 

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