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About  the Journey

Healing emotions  and embracing new beliefs

When we feel stuck or disconnected from ourselves, others or God, we can feel alone and unsure of how to make the necessary changes we desire. Our goal is that you experience freedom from old and unhelpful patterns of relating to your Creator, yourself and the world. Working together, you will learn to express difficult emotions, transform limiting beliefs and create more meaningful life experiences. 

Modern Young Girl

As human beings we have a body, soul and spirit with our heart at the center. If one of them is out of alignment or holds trauma it will affect that person's quality of life and those around them. During a session we will collaborate together to discover the imbalances and bring lasting healing & wholeness through Jesus Christ.

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" I have just completed my 5th session and continue to be amazed at the effectiveness of RSM-the-faith-based neuro-emotional therapy that Joelene practices. I've been through many years of emotional therapy that have involved a variety of techniques. While those years definitely helped me, I've never experienced anything as powerful and efficient as RSM therapy. It really address the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of healing all of which are vital to healing."

Mrs. Mary, CA


Do you struggle with finding happiness?


Are you ready to smile again?​


Be free of past trauma, and do life confidently in Christ?


​Enjoy meaningful reciprocal relationships?​


Leave fear, grief, anxiety or depression behind?


Ready to build a foundation on Godly principles by renewing your mind.


Are you looking for a well rounded, comprehensive program to strengthen your body, soul and spirit?

Ready to learn more about “who you are and whose you are” for lasting transformation?

Transformation That You Can Notice

Confident To Love Deeply and Be You


Increased Peace and Emotional Resilience
Increased Self Confidence and Freedom
Increased Ability to Create Healthy Relationships
Release Suppressed Toxic Emotions
Increased Positive Emotions
Decreased Trauma Triggers
Deepened Spiritual Connections to the True & Living God

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