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Tips and Benefits of Fitness and Eating Healthy

I must mention something right off the bat: I struggled with diastasis recti and a hernia for five years. Saying that was daunting is an understatement. I tried several different exercise regimes and weight-loss programs to no avail. After five grueling years of wrestling with a hernia and diastasis recti, I finally had surgery, my last resort.

Don’t get me wrong; I eat healthily, I exercise regularly, and try my best to keep stress at bay. However, I can attest that when there is something wrong with your body function no matter how healthy you eat your body is still exhausting energy. Eating healthy helps. I could not imagine how much more disparaging it would have been had I not fueled my body with good eats.

Of course, in my case, surgery was the only way to repair the hernia and the diastasis recti. Now 8 months post op, I can say that my body is back to its awesome full function. And with a healthy diet and regular exercise, I am really able to obtain energy and health benefits.

Eating Healthy

The bigger question is: how can one stay fit and healthy? Here are some nifty tips that came in handy in my journey towards optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health:

Know What Goes Into Your Body: Every food processing company is required by law to put the ingredient list on the packaging. Take your time and check it out. Trust me; you’ll be surprised at some of the unhealthiest ingredients they put in there. Use the internet to understand these ingredients.

Get off the couch and Switch off the Screens: Most people claim that they don’t have enough time to exercise or cook a healthy meal. But you’ll find them watching TV or scrolling through Facebook for 7 hours.

Give Your Body “Good Food”: A healthy meal encompasses all the ingredients, from proteins, complex carbs to fatty acids and everything in-between. Of more significance, however, is that you should eat plenty of veggies, fruits, and good fats such as Omega-3.

Embrace Regular Workouts

Embrace Regular Workouts: Staying fit, and being comfortable in your skin, is indispensable for anyone looking to live a healthier and happier life. That is why it pays to stay active and exercise for at least 45 minutes, preferably 5 times a week. It’s only this way that your body will become stronger, fight off illnesses better, and be able to maintain a healthy weight.

Never Skip Breakfast: You mum was right after all; breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. More so, for those looking to lose weight and keep it off. The reason is simple. If you don’t take your breakfast, you’ll be hungry way before lunch – and what happens then? That’s right; you will end up munching on some junk food or unhealthy snacks.

Eat Healthy Snacks: Ditch salted nuts, potato chips, cookies, candies, and other junkie snacks for healthier alternatives like berries, fruits, carrots, and raw nuts.

Get Enough Rest – Sleep Well: It’s well documented that sleep deprivation makes one feel not only tired but also angry. It messes up with your concentration as well as damages your overall well-being. The bottom line is that you need between 7-10 hours of undisturbed sleep.

Drink Plenty Of Water: The value of water to the functioning of the human body is absolute. It plays a key role in metabolism, digestion, blood circulation, hormonal balance, and so forth.

More crucially, staying fit, embracing a healthy diet, and exercising come with myriads of benefits:

(1) Uplifts your mood: when you embrace a lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercises, your mood will improve drastically. That’s because good food like omega-3 fatty acids and regular workouts encourage production of happy-making hormones. And, who wouldn’t want a good dose of happy?

(2) Helps you fight off diseases: great nutrients and exercising can boost your immunity. And can also help fend off lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke.

(3) Helps you sleep well: sleep is crucial for your mental and physical health. Thankfully healthy eating and staying fit can help you get enough Zs.

(4) Helps you lose and keep off unwanted weight: healthy eating means staying away from junk food. Regular workouts can also help you burn excess fat and unwanted calories.

(5) A healthy lifestyle can help you live longer life.

If you need some help, encouragement on meal prep, an exercise plan, or recovering from diastasis recti book your free consultation.

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