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Cultivating a New Mind Through the Christian, Neuro-Emotional Therapeutic Tool

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Have you ever felt broken?

Do you know what I mean by broken?

I’m talking about the feeling that makes it hard to even get out of bed in the morning and take on the day ahead. You feel stuck, slightly dead inside, like last year’s plants in the garden that haven’t bounced back from the harsh winter.

Maybe you aren’t really sure why, but you’ve noticed a lack of enjoyment in doing the things you once loved and you’re exhausted constantly. Maybe you’re feeling down, experiencing unexplained, long-lasting headaches and shoulder tension.

Or you might be super anxious, angry, overwhelmed by simple tasks, ready to burst into tears at any given moment. Your stomach feels twisted and you aren’t digesting food the way you normally do.

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms or something similar, let me tell you: You aren’t the only one going through this. What you’re experiencing might be caused by post-traumatic events, making it difficult to fully heal mentally, emotionally, and physically.

There are so many events that make up our lives and—unfortunately—many times we suppress the traumatic ones. This suppression can cause physical and mental barriers that prevent us from being our true selves and ultimately living out our purpose.

For more information on the effects of trauma, check out Trauma and How it Affects Our Mental Health and Even Our Body Physically

Dr. Joe Dispenza says it well in his personal development book entitled Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. You might need to uproot the plants from last season, spread some new soil, and start fresh. Like gardening, it is important to cultivate your mind to yield fruit—good quality fruit.

The journey to cultivating your mind can be an arduous one, but it is within reach—and more attainable than you may think. Fortunately, I know a form of therapy that most people aren’t aware of that might help; this therapy is a Christian, Neuro-Emotional tool and it can change your life drastically.

What is the Neuro-Emotional Therapeutic Tool?

In essence, this tool involves the practice of removing unresolved emotional trauma (typically stress-related) physiologically from the body, performed by certified Retracing Sequence Method (RSM) practitioners. The goal of the entire session is to give you a new perspective by way of a radical mind shift.

To break it down even further, let’s take a look at emotions. Emotions affect all parts of the body.

The Five Element Law of Traditional Chinese medicine defines meridians as pathways in the body where certain energy flows. For example, the liver and gallbladder use meridians to flow the emotion of anger in and out of them, the heart and small intestine are related to joy, the stomach and spleen are where we physiologically feel worry (hence the phrase “my stomach dropped” or “I felt it in the pit of my stomach”), and so on.

RSM therapy takes a holistic approach to trace conditions to their physiological locations in the body and then, using this knowledge, focuses on removing the physical blocks to heal both mind and body. This Christian, Neuro-Emotional Therapeutic Tool not only helps patients overcome mental barriers, but also helps them to live out their true goals.

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What Does a Typical Neuro-Emotional Therapy Session Look Like?

A typical session involves The Electro-chemical System Tool (T.E.S.T.). This involves testing for neurological stress at a cellular level to remove old thought patterns and replace them with positive beliefs.

I will help you identify “Neuro-Emotional Complexes” (NEC) stored in your body as well as help you release them. Neuro-Emotional Complexes can be certain emotions, conditioned responses, suppression, or any other physical or emotional trauma blocking you from making progress.

The T.E.S.T is performed on the arm in sessions to discover what needs to be resolved. It is used to determine the connection between a person’s physical and emotional pain at the unconscious cellular level. I will ask you specific questions to determine the root cause of the block, which in turn causes physical weaknesses in your body.

For example, you will hold up your arm while I simultaneously push down on your arm and ask you questions. Many times, people find that their arm is unable to resist the physical pressure when they are asked a question that their system does not agree with. I will then be able to determine what specific event caused these negative emotions.

Once we uncover the trauma that caused the block, I can help you remove the block to begin the healing process.

Advantages of the Neuro-Emotional Technique

The psycho-emotional benefits include the ability to learn what you need, resulting in more fulfilling relationships and understanding the beliefs that are holding you back in your subconscious. The benefits can also be PTSD alleviation, reduction of anxiety, phobias, and worry, and putting an end to self-sabotaging behaviors.

You are not only limited to psycho-emotional benefits with Neuro-emotional Therapy, but you will also experience physical improvement as well. Likewise, the physical benefits are mind-blowing. They include relieving general body pain, physical trauma, hormone imbalances, etc.

The bible talks about the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:1-23. The farmer scatters seeds in four different types of soil: a dirt path, rocks, thorns, and good soil. It’s so easy for us to live out our lives, assuming we have it all figured out, then find ourselves broken time and time again.

If we continue living this way, we will not experience lasting joy. Like the seed thrown on the path that was snatched up, the seed that was choked out by the weeds, or even the seed in the rocks that had only short-term fulfillment, we will continue to feel broken.

Agreeing to a session utilizing the Christian, Neuro-Emotional Therapeutic Tool is like planting our seeds in good, rich soil. Even if you think it is impossible, this form of therapy will amaze you by showing that you can once again produce great fruit.

Dr. Dispenza ends his chapter entitled “A Second Definition of Meditation: Cultivating Self” by comparing our minds to gardens. He says, “The manifestations you produce from the garden of your mind will be just like crops from the earth’s soil.” With this therapeutic tool, you will find lasting healing you didn’t know was even possible.

Find a Christian, Neuro-Emotional Therapy Practitioner

Hi, I just might be the person you are looking for! My name is Joelene. I am a Christian life coach, certified RSM practitioner, Neuro-Emotional Therapy practitioner, personal fitness coach, and pelvic floor post-pregnancy coach based in Sonora, California. I truly believe you will find lasting fulfillment and joy in my sessions, and I hope you are as excited to transform your life as I am for you.

If you are interested to learn more about Retracing Sequence Method, visit: If you’re curious about the life coaching services I offer or an

y of the others, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment or email me at I can’t wait to connect with you to help you discover lasting physical and emotional transformation.


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