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Why Neuro Emotional Therapeutic Tool Is Beneficial to Actors and Actresses

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

When creatives and actors take up their roles in a play, they tend to lose themselves into the character that they depict. This is called method acting. Their brains connect to the said characters psychologically such that they adopt the required behaviors, emotions, and gestures. Over time, method acting has profound psychological and emotional effects on actors. They may experience such feelings as fatigue, anxiety, and personality changes. There may also be psychotic disorders such as sleep deprivation, shape, and depression.

Neuro Emotional therapeutic tool utilizing Retracing Sequence Method (RSM) protocol is a therapy that focuses on total mind and body healing by working on the physiological foundations of these conditions. The body’s emotional responses are carried out by amino acids that move around the body. RSM deals with these components to heal the mind and body from the said experiences. RSM supports the retracing process to remove the layered neuro-emotional black to allow for neurogenesis- the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain. In essence, it works on your Neuro Emotional Complex (NEC) to cripple the physiological impact of the emotional changes.

The therapy technique utilized quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetic principles to effectively address unresolved neurological stress. RSM uses such methods as testing the electrochemical system to pinpoint the exact sources of the negative emotions and when they started to manifest.

Here are reasons why RSM is beneficial for the actors.

· Access and Reprograms the Subconscious

The RSM accesses the subconscious mind, where deep emotions are stored. When one repeats the same thing over time, it becomes a part of the system, and the person takes up the personality of the character who does the repetitive action. All this information is stored in the subconscious mind. Actors that have been performing various roles find themselves in a limbo where the mind takes up various repetitive actions. This often leads to personality changes, emotional disturbance, and depression.

When the therapist can access these emotions, they can find out the exact source of the feeling that affects the actor. Then, they begin the neurogenesis of imaging, thinking and feeling the new true belief at a conscious level that will bring emotional healing. Interestingly, the technique is different from counseling in that the therapist does not gain entry into the subconscious by talking the client into sharing about their past, the subconscious is accessed by testing the clients electrical chemical system.

· Corrects Any Neurological Imbalances Related to Undesired Physiological Reactions

Neurological imbalances bring about most physiological problems such as phobias, anxiety, and unresolved stress. You can deal with these reactions by correcting the source of the problem that reads to the present difficulties.

In the case of actors, taking up roles of horrifying villains or characters might have the same effect as a traumatic event. Therefore, the said actor may have a phobia for heights, insects, staying in closed spaces, or crashes. They may also be anxious when seeing people in particular costumes or tend to worry so much.

By using RSM protocol the actor may correct those neurological imbalances that lead to these negative emotions. In essence, it stops the mind and body from reacting negatively to otherwise harmless situations or events. After going through the therapy, the body ceases to associate the events at hand with the situations that the actor faced as a particular character.

· Neuro Emotional Therapy Increases the Ability to Achieve Life Dreams and Desires

Unstable emotional states are a major cause of the actors’ inability to meet their goals and aspirations in life. With time, such individuals indulge in drugs and alcoholism to fight the negative emotions and eventually become unfit for future acting roles. Unfortunately, such problems led to the end of many promising acting careers around the world.

RSM enables actors to go back to their dreams and aspirations by healing the faulty beliefs stored in the subconscious mind. Therefore, the mind does not spend time dealing with neurological disorders. This does not affect their ability to take new roles and act according to the script.

· RSM Allows the Body to Repair Itself Naturally

As discussed earlier, neurological problems often lead to physical issues such as stress, depression and new behavioral patterns. The body can heal itself if the neurological block that has been causing it to self-destruct is removed. Therefore, RSM removes these blocks so that the body can start healing and returning to its original state. It feels like a burden that has been lifted off your shoulders, and the body begins to react positively. Actors need to allow their minds and bodies to reset and heal from damage the career may have caused over the years. RSM is the successful way to get the body back on course.

· It Allows You to Identify Limiting Subconscious Beliefs and Know Where They Came From

The core of RSM is to find the source of the neurological emotion that is impacting the mind, emotions and body at a cellular level and treat it to deal with the physiological issues that are facing you. Actors who have participated in various disturbing roles may have a problem identifying which roles have contributed to their emotional state. It may also be hard to know what beliefs limit their ability to live free and where they came from.

RSM therapy enables actors to dissect various beliefs and their resulting neurological reactions and pinpoint what may be causing them to face the problem at hand. It is sometimes more effective than counseling and related forms of therapy.

· It Promotes Fulfilling Relationships

Emotional problems often lead to broken relationships, both at home and in business. Most stressed people tend to disassociate themselves from others, show some erratic behaviors. They may also be involved in emotional and physical abuse and the inability to perform their duties.

Neuro Emotional therapy can help deal with the blocks that may be causing the undesired behaviors and attitudes towards others. In the end, the actors can have normal, fulfilling personal and business relationships. Most film-producing companies are usually wary of actors facing family issues, erratic behavior, and drug abuse. Therefore, by promoting fulfilling relationships, these therapy techniques also keep them on the payroll.

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