The Power of Thought Part 1

Our thought life has a massive affect on every aspect of our lives. Our thoughts shape our perceptions, which then determine how we experience our lives and the beliefs that we form. Our beliefs drive the choices we make, which direct the lives we build. This cycles back in an automated and continuous loop. In the words of the American writer Henry David Thoreau, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”.

Our thoughts have power

No other human being has the amount of power that we have over ourselves-regardless of the circumstances. Our thought life is within our jurisdiction. We can choose to relinquish that authority over to another, but the power to do so belongs to us-as does the ability to reclaim it. This can be difficult to accept, especially when our lives feel out-of-control, but it IS very good news. Even if we do not believe that we have that power, we can take action steps to regain our sense of self-ownership. There is every reason for hope.

I have wrestled with negative thoughts, fears and insecurities. I remember thinking it would never get better. But it did. I feel so much more freedom and happiness now that I’m not shackled to those mental goblins. I enjoy my life immeasurably more-and so can you.

The first step is to become aware of what you are thinking. Most of the time our thoughts flow freely through our minds, unacknowledged, unguided and unchallenged. It takes some effort and intention to pay attention to what we are thinking, but it becomes easier with practice. You might be surprised at what occupies your mind most of the time. Many people don’t realize the amount of fearful and negative thoughts they have until they become aware of their own thinking.