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A Letter of Encouragement to the Woman Graduating

Updated: Jun 19

To the Woman Graduating,

I would like to leave you a few bits of advice and encouragement. I am so excited that you have worked hard to graduate. You are amazing. You are so beautiful and will continue to grow in beauty as you go through life.

Some things you can only learn from others, and are not taught in high school or college. Some things you have to learn as you live life. Enjoy the journey of life. Reach into each season of life with joy and anticipation of what you will learn. Celebrate your mistakes and discover how to avoid the pit falls again. Share your goals and dreams with others. Know you are worth love and respect. If someone cannot treat you with love and respect, kindly move on. Your voice matters. Your opinion should be heard. Never forget to be kind and share a smile, or open a door for a stranger. Kindness is received anywhere you travel. I believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Create a budget.

Open a savings account.

Choose wisely who you surround yourself with. True friends value who you are and encourage you to achieve your goals.

Be kind to your body, it will thank you later.

Learn to set healthy boundaries and communicate with confidence.

Do not give up, just keep trying other ways.

If along the way you feel overwhelmed, confused, not sure where to begin or just need some clarity to define your goals, reach out to me. As your life coach, I will be there for you.

Warmest Regards,


A Certified Life Coach for Women


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