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Looking for the best life coach? Look no further!

Hello, I’m Joelene. I am a certified Master life coach, and I would like to be your life coach.

The first question I get asked is, “what is your specialty?” I don’t limit my work to one specialty or type of client. I became a life coach to help others thrive in all areas and seasons of their lives.

If there is something a person wants to accomplish, my job is to work with them to make it happen.

I have personally found that when my physical and financial health are well, the other areas of my life seem easier to focus on and improve. That is why I say, “from wellness to fitness, into financial security.” My life coaching services also expand beyond these issues into the things that are important to those I serve.

Whether it’s career, relationships or even discovering personal passions and talents, I can help. I listen without judgement for things that are not necessarily known – like hidden beliefs, mindsets, perceptions and habits that might be hindering your progress and success. I help to objectively identify what is and is not working and discover what will. From there, a practical and specific plan of action is formed, implemented, evaluated and adapted as needed. This process can be a fun, interesting and an empowering adventure full of discovery and new opportunities.

If you are ready to change today’s struggles into tomorrow’s successes, call me for your free 30-minute consultation. Together we will transform these areas into vibrant parts of your life.

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