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Discovering Our Value and Purpose

We all are on a journey of discovering our value and purpose. Who we are. What we are good at. The areas we will thrive in. We cannot be everything to everyone. We all have different needs and are created differently. This is an amazing concept once we embrace who we are and start acting the way we were designed to act. When we stop hiding behind what we think people want to see or hear and start being truly ourselves. Professionally, as a life coach, I think highly of the power of purpose and value. It’s a great way to transform your life. More importantly, people tend to find greater satisfaction when they live by their core values; when they feel that they have a true life purpose and that they’re working towards it.

When we fail to honor our purpose and values, every facet of our lives suffers. I have noticed this to be even truer in my life. But the bigger question is: how can one discover and cultivate their values and purpose in life? That’s easier said than done – well, it’s not rocket science either. The following are 3 things I’ve learned about discovering my self-value and purpose. They are a few of many tips I have garnered in my life coaching career.

(1) It Begins with You For me, the journey of self-discovery wasn’t rosy at the first. I started by reading self-help books that I hoped would speak to me about self-value and purpose. And they had great points, but the real change began when I started to work with myself and my thoughts. This was a hard process but a fun process at a times. And yes, there were tears. I now can say my value is far beyond my exterior shell, and who I am, my kind heart, my good work ethics, my parenting and passion to believe in my children and my spouse are just the beginning of my value and purpose. The more I engage myself in the things I am passionate about, the more I find my true life purpose.

(2) It’s a Lifelong Journey I have also learned that discovering our value and purpose is a lifelong journey. Each season of my life unfolds my new value and purpose. But in each season, I have value and purpose for myself and to give to others.

(3) Live Life on Your Own Terms Even as a life coach, I find that living by my values allow me to walk in confidence. With self-esteem, yet humble. When you discover your life purpose, you begin to operate from a place of this is who I am and it is a great day to be me. Rather than, the questions of am I enough? Why don’t they see me? What do I need to change to make others like me? You start living life on your terms with your dreams and goals being reached. When you start to chart your own destiny that’s when personal transformation begins. And that’s what I tell my clients during life coaching sessions: learn to be the best you. This way, your life begins to thrive and even when the bumps come along the journey you handle them with much more grace because you know who you are.

Wrapping up, our values and purpose are an integral part of us. They highlight our individual, unique ethos. They dictate our code of conduct and guide our behavior. In short, they are what we stand for. When we don’t have and live by them, we are unfulfilled, incongruent, and lost.

Are you ready to discover your value and life purpose? I’m a life coach with years of experience under my belt. Let me help you take the hassle out of the entire self-discovery process.

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