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Plevic Floor Programs

Personal Fitness Coach

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It is Recovered Core Strength's honor to see you find the joy and confidence in movement again.

When dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction it is comforting to know you are not alone or broken. There is hope.

The intention of Recovered Core Strength is to provide you with comfort and support while educating you with safe pain free exercise to strength your pelvic floor.

Offering a safe environment in the process that can empower you to live a confident life.

Morning Flower

What really stood out to me with your program was how fast it worked in strengthening my pelvic floor and stopped my leakage!

What Clients Are Saying

My big moment was after a week of exercise I was able to walk anywhere without leakage. Three important things I learned in the process was it was easy to do the exercises, the instructions were simple and clear. Joelene was excellent in explaining and demonstrating each exercise. Joelene's personality made it comfortable and she made sure I knew what I was doing. The results before and after were amazing in that before I had MAJOR LEAKAGE. When I walked, sneezed, laughed, coughed and did activities I would have major leakage of urine and, after the first week it had stopped. Now I can enjoy doing activities and not worry about my leakage. Again an amazing difference for me. The price was fair and well worth the results I experienced. Joelene was an excellent coach and I have been referring others to her that have had this issue so they can obtain good results as I have.

Linda, CA

Are you looking for a customized program that can help you strengthen your core and pelvic muscles? Are you looking for a program that may help you with your pelvic floor dysfunction?  There is a program that can help.

Are you interested to learn more about safe exercises to help you with pelvic floor dysfunction.  One in every three women will suffer from various forms of pelvic floor dysfunction.  Many women experience pelvic floor dysfunction after giving birth and the risk can increase with age.

What is pelvic floor dysfunction? 

The term pelvic floor dysfunction refers to the lack of or a change in function of the pelvic floor muscles. There is a wide range of symptoms that can occur in the pelvic region. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles located at the base of the pelvis. These muscles are a support system for your abdomen and pelvic organs. Usually this presents itself as weak or excessive tension in the pelvic floor. Some dysfunctions may manifest in a lack of support causing pelvic organ prolapse, back pain or bladder issues such as leakage. Other dysfunctions may be an inability to relax the pelvic floor muscles.

What can help pelvic floor dysfunction? 


Strengthening of the pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles through safe exercises can result in a positive change. If you have any manifestation of pelvic floor dysfunction, your body has special needs when it comes to your core and pelvic floor fitness.

It is important to avoid some exercises such as high impact exercises like running. Try a longer walk instead.

I welcome your call to help you begin strengthening your core and pelvic floor.

The information on this website is for general information only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Please seek a Physician for proper diagnosis.

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