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It is Recovered Core Strength’s honor to empower you to succeed, find growth and transformation in your life. Discover how you can have more presence, peace, and joy.


The intention of Recovered Core Strength is to provide you with encouragement and support through any season of your life. Offering a safe stimulating environment to spur personal growth.

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Are you ready to heal deeper and live freer? Have you tried to create change, but still dealing with the same self-sabotaging behaviors? Are you tired of cycling through familiar negative behavioral patterns? Ready to do more than talk about problems? There is a program that can help. 

Retracing Sequence Method™ (RSM™) is Christian NeuroEmotional Therapy.

What is Christian NeuroEmotional Therapy? 

Retracing Sequence Method™ (RSM™) is Christian NeuroEmotional Therapy™ - the pioneer of a Christ-centered, evidence-based, neuro-emotional, bottom-up, inside-out therapeutic approach for lasting transformation.

RSM works collaboratively with clients to discover, eradicate, and transform neurological imbalances arising out of the psychology and physiology of unconscious negative belief systems, and unresolved stress that limit a person’s full potential, true identity, and a sense of wellbeing. 


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Freedom and Healing, CA

Christian NeuroEmotional Therapy works.  I may not understand how it works, but it does. Joelene is a great practitioner. 

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Mrs. Mary, CA

Right after our session, God told me that He will “rebuild” on the foundation of what was laid today. Today He laid a new foundation of Love that can now be added to. Before this foundation of love was laid, nothing much could really be built that would last or be supported because the foundation of His love for me wasn’t fully established in my being yet because of the block I put up. God just now impressed me to go back to the scripture I shared with you today and to keep reading. The very next verse says what God already told me. 


“The LORD appeared to him long ago, saying, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore I have drawn you out with kindness. I will build you again and you will be rebuilt, Virgin of Israel! You will take up your tambourines again, And go out to the dances of the revelers.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭31:3-4‬ ‭NASB2020‬‬


Is this not also a summary of the RSM journey? God’s everlasting love draws those who are ready to be free and healed and takes them through this process. It’s His love that draws us in.

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Loving My Journey, CA

We are all different and have different responses to events that have happened in life. I love how this therapy is tailored to me as an individual. I also am excited that it is a journey and therapy has an end goal / date. I know I won't be in therapy forever. 

When we feel stuck or disconnected from ourselves, others or God, we can feel alone and unsure of how to make the necessary changes we desire. My goal is that you experience freedom from old and unhelpful patterns of relating to your creator, yourself and the world. Working as a team, you will learn to express difficult emotions, transform limiting beliefs and create more meaningful life experiences.

The RSM process identifies neurological imbalances arising out of the psychology and physiology of unconscious negative belief systems and unresolved stress. These are identified by accessing blockages in the body’s electrical system. Our bodies store stress and trauma, which if not effectively processed, can eventually lead to health issues. That’s the downside of the mind-body connection. However, there is an up-side in that our bodies can also directly tell us what specifically needs our attention so that we can receive God’s healing grace, which transforms us at a foundational level. Truth then moves from being merely an intellectual concept into also becoming our emotional and mental reality. When we know in our core-being the truth of who God is, this frees us to know the truth about who we are, what our God-given purpose is and the ability to walk in it.


Why I coach

I believe ever woman has immeasurable worth and an amazing purpose in life.I love helping women discover their worth and purpose so they can embrace and celebrate who they are.  From this place of clarity and confidence, purpose is lived out and we become agents of positive change within our relationships, communities and the world.

How I coach

As a Christian NeuroEmotional Therapy Practitioner, I use the Retracing sequence method (RSM). Using a Christ-centered, evidence-based, neuro-emotional, bottom-up, inside-out approach for lasting transformation.The process supports your God-given innate ability to create transformation by renewing your mind. This process is fun and an empowering adventure where you end up uncovering your true identity, value, and destiny that were in you all along.


What I coach

I don’t limit myself to one or two areas to coach. I like to be available to meet whatever coaching needs my clients have. Common issues I have worked with are emotional/relational health, Attachment Issues, Relational challenges, Trauma, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Spiritual abuse, PTSD, Negative behaviors, Self sabotage, Identity conflict, Low self-worth, Negative thought patterns.


Transformation That You Can Notice

Increased Peace and Emotional Resilience

Increased Self Confidence and Freedom

Increased Ability to Create Healthy Relationships

Release Suppressed Toxic Emotions

Increased Positive Emotions

Decreased Trauma Triggers

Deepened Spiritual Connections to the True & Living God

Recovered Core Strength


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